MSMS Presents
Neutral Pelvis: Is This A Viable Concept?

With Irene Dowd

January 21, 2023

Live Online

1 * 2hr Zoom Session

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  Saturday 21st January
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Course Description

When we use words we are presumably endeavoring to communicate. What are we actually communicating when we use the phrase "neutral pelvis"?

A concept of the exact nature of a neutral pelvis can be quite different for each individual person, according to their own body structure, activities they perform, and cultural context.

How can we shape the pedagogical presentation of our teaching of Pilates (or any other movement strategies) to best serve the goals of the person or persons we find ourselves working with?

How do we create a pedagogy that broadens a personal point-of-view -- implied in concepts about the posture and function of our lower trunk, pelvis and hip joints?

How can anatomy/kinesiology inform us, without distorting our perceptions of other people (and ourselves)?

This workshop will involve:

* a review of some common anatomical variations in spine/pelvis/hip joint structure

* ways in which we choose to move that anatomy and what it affords us in terms of muscle work and function

* an examination of various movement practices with regard to each INDIVIDUAL human being's requirements for fully functioning in their daily life and for achieving their most dearly-held actions goals

* consideration of the language we use when seeking to achieve mutual communication with another individual